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Building a strong platform for continued profitable green growth

In Hexagon we focus our strategy around g-mobility, e-mobility, world-class manufacturing and digitalization. With the successful spin-off and separate listing of Hexagon Purus, the formation of Hexagon Agility and the ambition to expand Hexagon Digital Wave's expertise to digitalize Hexagon’s products and solutions, the Group has never been in a better position to pursue its global g-mobility and e-mobility opportunities.

G-mobility – providing clean fuel solutions

In January 2021, Agility Fuel Solutions and Hexagon Mobile Pipeline joined forces to create Hexagon Agility, becoming a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions.

E-mobility – enabling zero emission solutions

The spin-off and separate listing of Hexagon Purus in 2020 has allowed the company to aggressively pursue its own strategic and investment priorities. In March 2021, CIMC ENRIC and Hexagon Purus launched their hydrogen joint venture to drive zero emission mobility solutions forward in China and Southeast Asia, the world’s largest zero emission hydrogen vehicle and distribution market.

Investing in world-class manufacturing – gearing up for scale

In 2020, Hexagon substantially increased its production capacity for high-pressure fuel tanks for CNG and RNG powered heavy-duty vehicles.

Digitalization – essential on the road to decarbonization

Hexagon Digital Wave was established as a separate business area in 2021. Hexagon Digital Wave will be our center of excellence for smart technologies, developing digital solutions for our mobility business.

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